Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Movement is Brewing!

One of my biggest complaints toward Conservatives is our complacent approach to winning souls. Being a "C" word sucks. Conservatism, for a lack of a better expression, just isn't cool anymore. If you are conservative then you fall into 2 groups. 1- Old White Men (OWM) 2-Wacky Christian Extremists (WCE) that believe everyone is hell bound-especially gay people -everyone knows how Christians hate the gays. I mean, really. This is our brand.
BHO being elected with the support of a Liberal controlled House & Senate is the best thing that could have ever happened to Conservatives. We were acting like an undefeated sports team going into the finals. Cocky, ill-prepared, expecting victory, blah, blah. Losing big is good for teams - it makes you wake up!
McCain's loss is turning into an overall gain. Independants are having their eyes opened. A movement is brewing: Tea Parties, Smart Girl Politics, 09.12.09 March on Washington, Freedom Works Foundation, Campaign for Liberty, and countless others! Check out BHO's poll numbers we are trending in the right direction!
Thank you to all the Conservatives that are fighting the good fight!!

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