Monday, September 15, 2008

RR Quote

"The house we hope to build is not for my generation but for yours. It is your future that matters. And I hope that when you are my age, you will be able to say as I have been able to say: We lived in freedom. We lived lives that were a statement, not an apology."
~Ronald Reagan

"Lives that were a statement, not an apology." My favorite part of the quote!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Who's Dumb now, Charlie?

I don't really need to post an example of the Liberal media giving Obama a free pass during interviews. Help MSNBC improve their slumping ratings and tune into Olbermann, the poor baby just got canned from anchoring political events. Remember Olbermann it is all about Change!
Still, the Liberal media continues taking jabs at the Conservative Party with all their glaring focus on Sarah Palin. First up, Charlie Gibson who thought he hit a home run with the Bush Doctrine gotcha question, but in reality he hit a long foul ball. Charles Krauthammer coined the term Bush Doctrine in 2001, and is taking great pride in pointing out that, while Gibson was postulating his definition of the Bush Doctrine to Palin in his ever so patronizing tone, Gibson himself was wrong, too. Krauthammer's op ed article in the Washington Post is a fine piece of journalism. Check it out for all the details!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Middle Finger Politics

Middle Finger Politics was inspired by a text message. Yes! A simple text message that was in response to the announcement of Sarah Palin's nomination to the VP spot on the McCain ticket--it was love at first site.
Friday, August 29th started out as any other Friday: I take a bath (I hate showers) then sit on the couch in my robe with wet hair to put on make-up and watch Fox News. Yes it is my “ritual”, but aren't most morning routines? This morning a name rarely mentioned was all I heard - Sarah Palin, Governor of the great state of Alaska. Over and over I heard her name. Then confirmation came from the McCain camp--the Republican pick for VP was a woman! I changed the channel to MSNBC and CNN both Liberal controlled media outlets with clear surprise in their voices confirming Sarah Palin is the VP pick for Republicans. Like most, I knew nothing about Palin, but as I sat there glued to the TV, pride swelled in me at the thought of a strong conservative woman being the VP of the US.
McCain had in essence flipped off the Liberal establishment.
The night before, the Democratic elite media and the newly crowned savior of the liberal party stood in their version of the roman coliseum as McCain made the decision that would soon overshadow any speech. Obama, a gifted orator, was accepting the torch passed from the former Clinton party to the youthful change inspired Obama party. The entire experience was a narcissistic dream. A coliseum, hailed as one of the finest feats in Roman architecture, filled to capacity with doting subjects, and, standing in the center spewing his lukewarm message, a man running for the highest office in the land. The entire spectacle was designed to catapult Obama in the polls and undermine the upcoming GOP convention. Little did anyone know what was about to happen!

A speech compared to the Gettysburg Address in importance in our Nation’s history did not hold a candle to the introduction of Sarah Palin. Not one media outlet focused on what had happened in Denver; instead, they scrambled to send producers and reporters to Alaska.

Sarah Palin is what the Republican Party and, quite frankly, what America needs. She is a fiery Alaskan woman that is not a typical politician. Sarah Palin is an entrepreneur, former union member, wife, mother, and PTA member that rose to the rank of Governor who is now in line to become the 2nd in command. Wow! Now that is the American Dream.

MFP is a phrase that symbolizes the rebirth of the Republican Party. Hopefully conservatives will embrace this mentality and flip off the politicians, the liberal media and those folks that want to redistribute wealth, raise taxes on Corporations, reinstate the death tax, socialize our country, reduce our military and continue to carry this great nation farther away from the principles it was founded upon. So post away, agree, or disagree- get mad and write about it! And if you are a conservative, it is about time for us to stand up and start blogging!