Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Two Point Plan

The healthcare bill is now the healthcare law, and over the next few months, as it's finally read and implemented, the 2700 pages of favors will revealed.

Since the signing of the law, corporations outside the Conservative movement have expressed concerns regarding increases in cost. Last week Rep. Waxman & Rep. Stupak sent official letters to the CEO & Presidents of John Deere, AT&T, Verizon, and Caterpillar. These letters were not invites to the next roundtable or a heads-up about a golf game, these letters were summons to the Hill.

Rep. Waxman and other liberals have accused these corporations of speaking out with political motives. But, any semi-business savvy individual understands why CAT, AT&T, John Deere, and other companies opened the dialogue around the tremendous costs surrounding the bill. On a quarterly basis all publicly traded companies are required to file SEC reports and within those reports are details surrounding the financial health of the corporation. Since the new healthcare law changes the tax structure surrounding Medicare subsidies, many corporations are incurring additional expenses within the 1st quarter. Yes, those costs are significant and will change the cost of healthcare plans companies offer to employees. As a result, consumers will see increases to the cost of goods and services offered by these companies. The CEOs of these large organizations answer to the shareholders, and will find a way to recoup this cost, plain and simple. This has nothing to do with politics. Publicly traded corporations complying with SEC requirements that are, the last time I checked, mandated by the same government summoning these companies to the Hill.

So what's next?

Let's face it, Americans have a short attention span, and Progressives believe that most Americans will forget about the socialist healthcare bill before the November elections. That's why the bill was pushed through; because, the Progressives needed time--time for Americans to forget. This explains why, during a recession, the Obama administration focused on Healthcare, not jobs.

Conservatives need to have a 2 Point Plan in order to combat this Progressive agenda.

Point 1: Don't forget about Healthcare. At every meeting, rally and with every correspondence remind Conservatives that this Healthcare law is one huge step toward socialism. Encourage open dialogue and don't allow the momentum to dwindle.

Point 2: Don't forget there is more to come. The healthcare law was step 1 in the Progressive agenda.

Next on the agenda is Immigration Reform which is simply, Amnesty. No one actually knows how many illegal immigrants are in America. Estimates run from 11 million to 30 million, neither number is reassuring. This is key to the Progressive movement. First, it secures a minimum of 11 million additions to the liberal voting base. Immigration reform is nothing but a numbers game for Progressives.

Following Immigration, watch out for either a National Sales Tax or implementation of VAT (value added tax). Either is needed to pay for the healthcare law and illegal immigration. In a thriving economy, both are a horrible idea. But in a struggling economy, both are suicide.

This is our time! The majority of Americans are frustrated, confused and looking for a sane voice. Let true Conservatism be that voice!