Friday, July 24, 2009


Deadlines are great. The pressure to complete a project and be held accountable is essential to running a tight ship. But those deadlines have to be attainable and reasonable. The deadline that President Obama placed on passing the Healthcare Bill wasn't attainable or reasonable. The current bill should make Americans nervous. Contact your Representatives, get a head start on your Senators, and don't forget the Blue Dog Dems - we need to keep them on our side of the fence.
Check out Just a Conservative Girl's Blog . Her letter to Fellow Patriots was mentioned in Politico and lists 55 Chief of Staff email addresses. Write, write, write! Keep the pressure on!


  1. Thanks for the mention. The more people read and act the better.
    Also - if you are on facebook, join our conservative blogger club. It will help get more viewers to your blog; and the people in the club are really nice.

  2. The facebook club is very simple. Conservative blogger club. Jessica kept it very simple.

  3. We need to keep momentum on our side. We have to keep up the faxing and calling.