Friday, September 9, 2011

Response for Twitter

@fjnNugent - I'm tired of trying to think in 140 characters.

Here's my issue with O's speech.

1 - Grandstanding. Submit a plan with all the facts & figures so it can be scored. Stop with the speeches and actually work.

2- Pass the Bill Now. Stop telling Congress to pass something that they haven't seen. They don't even know the facts/figures regarding the cost.

3- Small Business Hiring Credit - Do Liberals think Small Business Owners are idiots? Small Biz Owners aren't looking for hiring credits they are looking for long-term commitments on tax rates, which is something Obama is currently talking about raising. Say the hiring credit is $6k per new hire - the small business owner incurs roughly 20% burden on top of the salary for each employee they have on their payroll. That means if you are an employee making $50k annually it costs the business the $50k in salary to you and another $10k in burden (taxes, benefits, SS, etc.). Even with Obama's $6k credit the employer is still out $4k that year and will continue to have to pay that employees salary going forward. Not to mention the additional cost of Obamacare that will cripple small to mid-sized organizations. Then Liberals wonder why businesses are sitting on cash. They have to pay for all your tax increases and OBAMACARE!

4- Raising Taxes: Because of Sub-chapter S Corporations, Small Business owners are impacted by these 'tax increases on the wealthy'. When Liberals talk about raising taxes, it is actually on the very people they want to give a break to. How does that make sense? It simply doesn't make any sense, at all. It is nothing but preying on the fact that the Liberal base refuses to wake up and learn how business works.

5- Warren Buffet Reference: Warren Buffet is comparing what he pays in Capital Gains tax to what his secretary pays in Income Tax. Apples & Oranges. It is a shame that Obama and Liberals choose to mis-inform the public.

6- Infrastructure: Have you forgotten about the $1 TRILLION stimulus that did NOTHING to Stimulate the economy? It just added $1 Trillion to the debt + interest. And you Liberals want more?

7- Constitution: Obama shouldn't be allowed to mention the Constitution because he has done nothing but ignore it!

8- More Jobs stamped with MADE IN USA: Yet the CEO of GE is seated by the 1st Lady as a special guest of the administration, all the while, GE just outsourced two divisions of manufacturing to China. Not to mention, GE made BILLIONS in profits and paid ZERO in taxes. ZERO! And he's a guest of the administration. Then the FBI raided Gibson Guitar in Nashville, TN. Gibson just happens to a Republican leaning Corporations that is 100% Made in America. Get all the details about that here:

So I find it beyond condescending to have Obama tell businesses how to run their operations when he's never worked in the real world, met a payroll, or had the weight of keeping a business open to support his family. He preaches utter nonsense and speaks down to everyday Americans. Obama demands that Congress pass another bill without reading it, but there is no talk of ever producing a Budget.

I'm done. In my mind, he has been nothing but an absolute failure and Liberals are kidding themselves if they think otherwise.

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