Thursday, January 13, 2011

Open Letter to the Left

Below is an open letter to the Left in general. This letter isn't targeted (figuratively speaking) at any one Liberal. So here it goes....


Dear Left-Wing, Liberal, Progressive People:

Are you pissed that a majority of Americans disagree with you, or that we have the audacity to do it with fearless passion?

Using the AZ shooting to assign blame to Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, FoxNews, Rush, and everyday Americans that are members of the Tea Party is outrageous.

When US Army Major, Nida Malik Hasan, committed an act of Terrorism by opening fire on the waiting room at Fort Hood, you refused to call Nida Malik Hasan, a Muslim Terrorist, or call what he did an Act of Terrorism.


You have no problem calling everyday Americans murders, racists, bigots, plain spoken, and unintelligent, then you even chuckle, as if you are of higher intelligence, but calling Hasan a Muslim Terrorist is offensive? Funny how that works.

You go to great lengths to brand your ideology as pro-individual rights, pro-individualism, and progressive. Yet everything you do is exactly the opposite. Liberalism does nothing to advance Freedom, and freedom is where one finds rights, individualism, and the ability to progress.

Most of your attacks are disguised within some movement or buzz word that evokes emotion. Logic be damned. Take race, for example. You feel like you own everything around race. The same goes for the poor and minorities. Yet your actions keep the poor, poor, and keep minorities down.

Take illegal immigration - this example covers race, the poor, and minorities. FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) estimates that the US is spending $113 billion dollars at the federal, state, and local level on Illegal Immigration. That is over $1000 per native household in the US. Of the $113 Billion tab, $52 billion is within our education system. Click Here to read all the sobering statics on Illegal Immigration.

Border states have felt the impact for years, from hospital emergency rooms along the US/Mexico border closing to the Drug Cartel causing unspeakable violence against innocent Americans. Immigration and border enforcement are Federal issues. Since the Federal Government has turned a blind eye to this issue, in both Republican and Democrat administrations, the state of AZ recently passed legislation in order to enforce Federal law in an attempt to control the border. Instead of this being a wake up call to the Obama Administration, Eric Holder, the Attorney General, sued the State of AZ. The federal government decided to leave the law breaking illegal immigrants alone and go after the State of AZ. Don't you think that causes a hostile environment?
Ironic, isn't it, the very politicians and leftist media that scream that the AZ law is racist, are the 1st to point blame at the Right for the shooting a few weeks ago.

Americans are hostile, we are furious, and we have every right to be. You just don't want to hear it because it wasn't supposed to be this way under the reign of your dear savior, Obama, was it? He was going to unite us, but we are more divided than ever.

You want to convenience the American public that the division isn't over your Socialist agenda, but the words of crazy right wing leaders and talk radio. So much so, that some of the Left supports the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine in hopes to shut up the Right. The Left doesn't oppose the government funding of NPR. Hypocritical are we?

Let me end with this. Following the shooting in AZ, the Left & the Right should have released a joint statement. That joint statement should have simply said,
"Dear Families and Citizens of Arizona that were impacted today by the violent act of one mentally ill individual. Your Country stands beside you. You are all being lifted up in our thoughts and prayers. We will do everything in our power to honor the memory of those you lost, and help you rebuild.
Sincerely, Your Fellow Americans"

Instead within 2 hours the attacks started and have continued. All the evidence proves that Jared Loughner was mentally unstable and acted alone. He isn't the member of any group, a-political, and really lived in own self-made world. The attacks on the Right have grown to include possible legislation that would limit the 1st Amendment. You continually sight the use of metaphors and imagery as reasons for hostility and violence. Do any of you really think a metaphor leads someone to kill? If so then let's be sure to ban Shakespeare from schools, because it is full of violent metaphors and imagery. Didn't Shakespeare first coin the word 'assassination' in Macbeth? With your logic we should destroy all those wonderful words since we dare not use any words except for in their literal meaning.

Freedom of Speech is the 1st Amendment because it is the most important Amendment. Without it we have no voice or outlet for expression.

Thank You,



  1. Bonnie, Thank you for following the Black Sheep of the conservative blog world. A basic difference between our two sides of the aisle is they use their hearts and feel in making decisions, and we on the other hand use our brains and think to make our decisions. I have to agree with all you wrote in this post.

  2. Right On, Hypocritical, ignorant, sociopath, anti-freedom, anti-minority, enemy embracing liberals. You covered all the bases very well and then some..

    I can't shake the kids howling like a bunch of monkeys at the sight of obama at an event that should have been solemn, to memorialize people including a 9 year old girl and none of their bodies were even in the ground yet. And they want us to thiknk they're compassionate? Human? Not socipaths ?
    I'm sure your hard core communist would have acted better than these jackals and enemies of liberty.

  3. As Savage said in 1997---When satire /metaphor/ is dead so is free speech. A Lib/Progressive lives on symbolism with no substance and distortions of the truth that sound SOOO SWEET, dripping with honey and deadly to the human condition. I must differ slightly if only in context. The Second Ammendment is the most important as it keeps Big Brother nervous and protects the First.

  4. Thanks for all the great feedback. Great to meet fellow Conservatives!! Keep the fight - Bonnie