Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Reckoning

Each generation faces their own unique adversity. The Second Continental Congress convened on May 10th, 1775 in the mist of the American Revolution and crafted the document from which this country still lives, the Declaration of Independence. The Founding Fathers embodied the Patriot spirit that dwells in each American. Fast forward a few generations to World War II. The freedom of not only America, but the World, rested on the back of the United States. After the blow to Pearl Harbor, all Americans accepted the challenge and went to battle delivering the World from destruction. Most thought that the great battle of the current generation would be Terrorism, but the true battle is Progressivism.

Following September 11th, America was united! Never in my lifetime had I felt such Patriotism, but deep down I knew it would be short lived. Within two years of 9/11, the demons of our society began to creep in and take over media outlets and online blog realms. Conservatives put up little fight prior to Barack Hussein Obama's election in 2008. Maybe our faith in the system was gone or maybe our complacency took over, but either way, we lost the White House and Congress. BHO won the White House by capturing the hearts of the American Independent voter, and preaching "Hope & Change". Obama didn't campaign on any substance, but stood and spewed that he would change the current state of our Democracy, and today he has.

Today, March 21st, 2010, goes down in history, not because of Universal Healthcare, but because our Country just took one huge step away from our Liberty. The Progressives in this Country won this battle because Conservatives were asleep at the wheel.

I argue that March 21st, 2010, isn't a victory for Progressives, but a call to action for America! Fellow Patriots, this battle isn't over - it has just BEGUN! Let the Progressives think they have won, but know that this battle can't be decided with one vote.


Instead of ignoring our Founding Fathers' wisdom, let's reflect on the battle they won. During the debate on July 1st, 1776, Adams is quoted as saying,
"Objects of the most stupendous magnitude, measures in which the lives and liberties, born and unborn are most essentially interested, are now before us. We are in the very midst of revolution, the most complete, unexpected, and remarkable of any in the history of the world"

Progressives really think that the battle is won, and that the democracy we flourish in is over. Socialism would be an easy blow to deliver to those without freedom, but delivering it to the Republic won't happen until the last Patriot dies. If you feel defeated, broken, lost, discouraged - don't. That is what they want! Rise above, find your Rebel spirit!

Step one is to reach out. Stop being scared to be a Conservative! Tell your family members, co-workers, and neighbors how you feel and why you feel it. Go to and find your local TeaParty and get involved, and be prepared for November.

Between March 21st and November a lot has to be accomplished. Those that voted in favor of this Socialist Bill will feel the wrath of the Republic. The very Constitution they hide behind will deliver their fate and the Republic we love will be reborn. It doesn't stop today, or in November. Never again will we become complacent and fail this Republic.

When you feel discouraged or without hope remember that many Patriots died for this very cause! Remember that the sovereignty of this nation lies on you. Each of you are the 'Atlas' of America carrying the weight on your shoulders, and that weight isn't to much to bear!

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  1. You really, honestly in your heart think that Progressives want to end democracy? This kind of hyperbolic rhetoric is terrifying. It no longer extends to policies or ideas, but is now becoming hateful against fellow American citizens who happen to have different ideas than you. Labeling half of the country as evil, freedom-hating socialists is hateful. Can you not make your point without making enemies?