Friday, November 20, 2009

Welcome to the 11th Hour

America is on the brink of Socialism and our fate lies in the hands of two Democrat Senators. Most Americans assume that tomorrow will come and be fine. Nothing really will change and that this Country is the greatest place and magically will continue to be. That is the problem. Stupid breeds stupid. We need a cleansing of this mentality. Taxing the rich and giving to the poor won't last, won't work and has never worked.

Hard work, drive, determination and a competitive nature is what has made America great. Not the notion that everything should be fair. What is fair? Who determines what fair is?

I have had enough - done - put a fork in me! Today as I read all this crap about Healthcare reform - the $100 million payoff to the Louisiana Senator I decided that I might stroke. Then I thought...Why do we take this? Why do I continue to pay taxes? What if everyone that feels this way went into Human Resources at work on Monday and filed tax exempt. We just stopped funding this. That is our RIGHT! The Gov't exists because we pay for it and as a taxpaying, hard working American I am sick of it!

Audit me - NO ONE in the Obama cabinet pays taxes, Rangel from NY doesn't pay - so why do we? The entire Tea Party movement should become - STOP PAYING TAXES PARTY! Senators and Congressman only have the money we pay to spend!! So let's stop paying!!

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