Wednesday, August 5, 2009


America's history is lost with our constant need for progression and lack of interest in where we've been, but reflection provides clarity. In order to progress, first you have to know where you've been.
Democracy didn't just happen. The first Colonists risked everything for freedom. There's something to be said for struggle. The grit and determination it takes to reach your goal brings satisfaction and pride for what you've achieved.
I feel a connection to the American Colonist. The frustrations they must have felt every time British law was imposed upon them. A clear disconnect can be seen between the Colonist and the British Parliament. Just like the disconnect many Americans currently feel towards our government.
Before the current Tea Party protests, I reflected little on the Boston Tea Party. What a sight that must have been! Colonists, real Patriots, climbing aboard ships and dumping the taxed tea into the Harbor. Screaming crowds, the sound of gun fire, and the aroma of tea in the air. A brewing Revolution. That brewing Revolution is why America is that 'shining city on the hill' that so many want to be part of.
Fast forward to 2009. Democracy, and the freedom it secures, nurtured the richest Country this world has ever seen. A Capitalistic Free Market, competition based structure led to the economic sustainment of the US and World economies. A powerful Military continues to honor and protect our freedoms while delivering others to theirs. Clearly democracy, freedom, and capitalism work, and, under a limited government, flourish.
What is the thought process behind moving away from this Democracy towards Socialism?
There are two groups of thought. The first are individuals that actually feel the Government serves the needs of its people with greater efficiency than relying on individual achievement. Those people look toward higher taxation, larger governmental programs, and establishing what they deem 'fairness' for all. This group feels as strongly toward these ideals as I do toward the opposite. Yes, they have that right. Well meaning people, but misguided in their views.
The second group is simply exercising social warfare in order to achieve power. The interest of the American people lays by the wayside as they pit lower, middle, and upper socioeconomic classes against each other. This will restructure America into 2 groups - the even poorer and the people who support the poor. A middle class will no longer exist because it has been stretched to thin. This will result in a continuously growing block of voters that rely on Liberals being in office to sustain their livelihood.

Consider this the beginning.


  1. Yes, Amen and Amen! Our country's early years and leaders can teach us so much....if anyone takes the time to review what's happened before.

    Power is a dangerous thing.

  2. amazing insights- yup-= load up on balls- flint and powder- I have!